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Rather than simply emphasizing fiber functions and performance, our final goal is to improve the overall qualities of consumer products.

We therefore engage in detailed discussions with nonwoven manufacturers and consumer product marketers to ensure an optimal balance between product, process and price on one side and value on the other side.


  • World’s leading supplier of polyolefin staple fiber
  • Global leader in bicomponent fibers
  • Manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Japan and China serve the needs of customers throughout the world
  • Marketing and sales support to all of the world’s regions: Asia, Europe, Middle East/Africa, North America and South America

Triangular network

We believe that co-operation is one of the key factors behind successful product innovation. Engaging in triangular discussions (fiber, nonwoven and consumer product manufacturers) we ensure accuracy in translating the business needs into technical requirements.

The triangular network inspires to fruitful discussions and will point the marketer in a useful direction and the appropriate answer. If needs are uncertain an innovative solution evolves as a result of time and trials, while known needs result in improvements of product, processes or costs.
ES FIBERVISIONS™ masters both radical and incremental developments. Open dialogue with customers and their clients result in increased development speed, shorter time-to-market, and to more innovative products (being the first in the market).

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