In Manufacturing, ES FIBERVISIONS', Capabilities are:

ES FIBERVISIONStm is the only company with worldwide manufacturing facilities in bicomponent fibers, which enable us to service global marketers and regional customers with tailored fiber solutions.

  • An experienced staff ensuring you that the fiber quality and performance always will be meeting customer requirements securely within your specification.

  • · A commitment to bicomponent fibers. Our fiber spinning is based on the long spinning (conventional spinning) technology which is characterized by ability to adjust the process to provide fibers of higher versatility.

  • · In supply chain activities, our service functions are always ready to ensure you the fast and most cost-effective delivery of your fiber demands. We are handling thousands of shipments year-round and we still take pride in bringing good fibers to the customer in due time.

  • · Additionally, through our manufacturing facilities in Denmark, USA, Japan and China we are able to provide backup or alternative solutions, if an emergency situation should occur.



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